Isabell Klawonn

Principal Investigator

Research focus: Microscopic fungi, phytoplankton, and bacteria in the pelagic zone; Microbial interactions; Microbe-driven element cycling

Jessica Salcedo 

Laboratory Technician 

Activity: Isolation and maintenance of plankton (co-)cultures, lab manager 

Anna Feuring 

Ph.D. Student 

Research focus: Small-scale dynamics during parasitic infections in Baltic Sea phytoplankton communities

Connor Lawrence
Ph.D. Student

Research focus: Microbial interactions between phytoplankton, fungi, and bacteria in the water column


 Pia Hoffmann

Student assistant
(B.Sc. level)

Activity: Microscopy  analyses of plankton communities 

Lisa Gaertner 

Student assistant
 (M.Sc. level)

Activity: Microscopy analyses of plankton communities



Open postdoc position. Deadline closed in November, 2023.

We are always looking for creative, dedicated minds to join our group. Prospective under-/graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are encouraged to reach out to inquire about current opportunities to join the group, funding availabilities, and to discuss future funding opportunities. When emailing, please include your CV and a brief description of your research interests and how those relate to our lab research.


We deeply appreciate the value of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for research and education.